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  • Vanessa Moreno

    As a customer that has been using coco Jamra coals for a very long time now, I am  beyond disappointed with the last few boxes I have bought. They do not burn as long, they turn black very quickly, and they are starting to crack and pop. I was a very happy customer before and now, I’m looking to turn my business elsewhere. I hope there is something your organization can do about my dissatisfaction. Thank you. 

    • hookahimports

      Hi Vanessa
      we are sorry to here about your bad experience. we would love to have the opportunity to make it up to you by sending you a new box free of charge.
      Please provide us with your mailing info and we will be happy to send you a free goody box.
      Thank you for letting us know we will do our best to solve this issue.

  • hookahimports

    Hi Donna
    Thank you for the info I do not have my web site up yet but im working on it slowly but surely once i figure it out. when i do i will check out your proposal.

    Thank you

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